Digital camera plugin for Total Commander

Download: wiacam 1.12 (36 Kb)

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Most of today's avalaible digital cameras can be mounted in two ways: as a disk drive and as an image capture device. Althrough the first way is the most handy, there are number of cameras (especially from Canon and Fuji) which can only be mounted in the second way. In this mode camera operates through Picture Transfer Protocol (PTP), and appears as device in the "Scanners and Cameras" entry in Windows Explorer.

This plugin allows to access digital cameras which support PTP or PictBridge protocols. Latest versions of Windows (Me, XP, 2003) already have facilities for comunication with such cameras without need for special drivers installation. PTP enabled cameras represented in Windows as WIA (Windows Image Acquisition) devices, and being connected they are located in "My Computer".


21/02/2008 1.12
  • Fixed bug with wrong displayed file time (it was shifted by value of local time zone)
  • Original file date now saved for files copied from the camera to the hard drive
13/08/2007 1.11
  • Fixed bug which lead to crush on Windows 2000 (but actualy this OS is not supported)
31/07/2007 1.1
  • Added progress indicator for long listing operations
  • Added support for "Thumbnail View" (menu Show -> Thumbnail View)
17/04/2007 1.0
  • first version